Broken Shin at Tofan Pirani vs Anthony Brown Muay Thai Match

Strykerz episode starts with Master Mehrdad explaining how he met Tofan Pirani, and how he became his sparring partner for his match vs. Rick Roufus. He also explain the training regimen and the passion that Tofan has for the combat sports of Muay Thai. Tofan Pirani explain how he got in contact with Master Mehrdad, and made him want to participate in a Shin Do Kumate event. Anthony Brown is an experience strikers and Muay Thai fighter. He is a fighter with a thrive to increase his proficient and skill in the sport of Muay Thai.

Both fighters have a very distinct fighting style. Anthony Brown is a more traditional Muay Thai fighter train by Mr. Toddy. He has a background in Tae Kwon Do. Tofan is a fighter with an European style of fighting and a K-1 fighter. This was one of the biggest event in St. Pete Times forum in Tampa, Florida. This Muay Thai match ended with a broken shin and knockout. Watch more Muay Thai online fights below.