Strykerz Fight Series II-  Watch Professional Muay Thai Fighters

Watch professional Muay Thai fights. This Fight Series is a great collection of fights with the most skill and passionated professional Muay Thai fighters. This series display the best male and female Muay Thai fighters from around the world. Shin Do Kumate & Strykerz Fight Series is a display of honor, tradition, culture, and respect. Strykerz brings true skills to the ring, while presenting action-packed bouts. Experience ultimate striking and powerful knockouts in this Muay Thai fight collection. Shin Do Kumate is all about stand up fighting and there is no ground grappling. The collection showcases fighters such as Felice Herrig, Vivianne Leung, Raul Llopis, Rammi Ibrahim, and many others.

Shin Do Kumaté Pro Muay Thai bouts are explosive. Watch 10 of the most devastating male and female knockout bouts! Fight Series II has an amazing fighting roster.

About Rami Ibrahim

Rami Ibrahim is a record breaking Muay Thai fighter, gym owner, and coach. Rami Ibrahim is the longest active Muay Thai fighter in North American. He is originally from the Palestinian town of Silwad. As the No.1 ranked fighter in the United States and 10th in the world, Ibrahim is the only professional Muay Thai fighter who holds ten championship titles.

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