Michael Strpling vs Chris Burgett - Shin Do Kumate XVII

Shin Do Kumate XVII – Michael Stripling vs. Chris Burgett – Pro Muay Thai

This Pro Muay Thai fight on Saturday, August 20th between Michael Stripling and Chris Burgett was a full Thai rule bout with elbows.

Michael Stripling is 29 years old, weighs 155 Ibs and stands 5’11”. His amateur MMA Fight Record is 0-0, his amateur Muay Thai record: 0-3-0 and Pro Muay Thai Record coming into this fight is 2-2. Michael’s fighting style is Muay Thai. He trains out of Elite Muay Thai in Daytona Beach with trainer Dominique Simmons. Stripling won his last fight at Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVI against Jason Valle and he’s now returning to face a new challenger! Michael Stripling has a strong background in striking and has a lot of passion for the Art of 8 Limbs. The Shin Do Kumaté crowd was excited to see him fight again.

Chris “Iron Man” Burgett is 33 years old and weighs 155 lbs. His Muay Thai/Kickboxing amateur record is 12-2-2. Chris flew in from Portland, Oregon to fight his pro debut against Michael Stripling at Shin Do Kumaté XVII. He trains with Gracie Barra and he’s a very dedicated fighter with tremendous passion and determination to become a well-known Pro Muay Thai fighter.

This is a very exciting and technical fight. Both fighters come out strong using a lot of elbow strikes and hard shin-kicks.

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