Eric Peebles vs Joe "Formiga" Cortez - Shin Do Kumate XVII

Shin Do Kumate XVII – Eric Peebles vs. Joe Cortez – Pro Muay Thai

Saturday, August 20th at the Bradenton Area Convention Center, Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII highlights the ‘best of the best’ professional Muay Thai fights showcasing Eric Peebles vs. Joe Cortez in the lightweight division. Peebles is tall with a longer reach and brings technique into the ring while Cortez has more of a stocky build and brings tremendous power into the ring.

Eric Peebles is 31 years old, weighs 155 lbs. and stands at 6’0”. He trains out of Jungle MMA in Orlando, Florida. Peebles has an amateur kickboxing fight record of 5-1, an amateur MMA fight record of 2-3, and a Pro Record of 1-0. This was his first Shin Do Kumate fight.

Joe “Formiga” Cortez is 28 years old, weighs 155 lbs., and stands at 5’7. He trains under Stefan ButinBik, a Dutch Thai Boxing trainer in Crystal River, Florida. Cortez has a Pro MMA fight record of 0-1 and an Amateur Kickboxing fight record of 4-1. Shin Do Kumaté XVII is his first Pro Muay Thai fight. His Martial Arts background was Capoeira, Muay Thai, and San Da. Cortez is from Tampa, Florida.