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This grants the viewer access to the whole Shin Do Kumate XVII fight collection for 3 days and unlimited views. The collection consist of 8 action packed pro Muay Thai fight videos. Experience the most exciting bouts in Muay Thai from August 20th, 2016. This fight collection contain various Muay Thai strategies. This is an amazing collection, with non-stop action filled bouts with Pro Muay Thai World-Class fighters bringing a lot of fast striking skills with kicks and punches and experience in to the ring.

Videos in the collection are the following.

Tony Leone vs Pedro Cassoma, Alex Berrios vs Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington, Warren Thompson vs Avery McPhatter, John Morehosue vs Maros Pacan, Michael Stripling vs Chris Burgett, Johncy Lindor vs Johnny Baldridge, Johnny “Speed” Garcia vs Richard Grindle, and Eric Peebles vs Joe “Formiga” Cortez.


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