Aaron Castelvi vs Justin Gresklewicz

Shin Do Kumate® XV

Amy Davis vs Denise MellorAmy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Watch one of the best Shin Do Kumaté XV which features a tremendous line-up with Clifton Brown vs. Stephen Richards; Simon Marcus vs. Aaron Meisner (formerly on Ultimate Fighter realityStrykerz TV show); Justin Greskiewicz vs. Aaron Castellvi, Amy Davis vs. Denise Mellor of UK, Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh and more.


Aaron Castelvi vs Justin GresklewiczAaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Decision)
The bout between Aaron Castellvi and Justin Greskiewicz was the only fight that went the distance the whole night. This was a chest match between two fighters and they both brought a lot of great Muay Thai skills to the ring.
There were great exchanges throughout all three rounds and Justin executed some great sweeps. The win was given to Justin Greskiewicz by decision.

Shane Wiggand vs All TarehShane Wiggand (Won TKO) vs. Ali Tareh

Shane Wiggand and Ali Tareh brought a very unique fight to Shin Do Kumaté because Ali comes from a more Martial Arts background with the last few years competing in professional boxing matches.

Shane has a Muay Thai background and although he originally fought MMA, his passion went towards Muay Thai and he spent some time training in Thailand.

Round one started out with Ali leading using his boxing skills throughout the round and he took Shane down with a spinning back hand followed by a strong right punch, but Shane beat the count. In the second round Shane managed to close the gap and came in strong delivering a lot of hard and flying knees to the head. The referee stopped the fight due to a big gash above Ali’s eye giving Shane the win by TKO.


Simon Marcus vs Aaron MeisnerSimon Marcus (Won By TKO) vs. Aaron Meisner

Simon Marcus has a strong Muay Thai training regimen and we knew he was going to use every skill and technique he could against his opponent. Aaron Meisner has more of an MMA background than Muay Thai and was featured on the Ultimate Fighter reality series.

Both fighters started strong, but Simon dominated the fight with his combination elbow strikes and finished the fight in the second round giving him the win by TKO, as Aaron was unable to continue. Both fighters demonstrated an exciting bout.

Clifton Brown vs Stephen RichardsClifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards

This main event featured Clifton Brown, a world champion from Toronto, Canada against Stephen Richards from Atlanta, Georgia. Clifton was originally matched to fight Tofan Pirani of Sweden, but Tofan contacted MKM 7 days before the fight stating he injured his shin during training. In a scramble to find Clifton a new opponent, Stephen Richards stepped up to the plate. Stephen is a very good Boxer and Muay Thai fighter and beat Sean Yarbrough of Las Vegas in a prior match.

Both Clifton and Stephen came in strong and fought well against each other, but Clifton through his famous elbow strike that landed on the side of Stephen’s head causing a big cut on his ear, which ended the fight giving Clifton the win by first round TKO. Clifton Brown is a true Champion and Stephen Richards is a true warrior for taking this fight last minute and we look forward to seeing both fighters again in 2009.

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