Shin Do Kumate Captivates Boxing and MMA Fight Fans

Shin Do Kumate Captivates Boxing and MMA Fight Fans

The international sport of professional Muay Thai and traditional Martial Arts is immense.  The Shin Do Kumaté fighting sport is assertive and maintains a high level of fighting skill and appeals to a very broad multi-cultural audience. Shin Do Kumaté Muay Thai striking holds a strong cross-over appeal to boxing and MMA fight fans and draws from a global pool of traditional Martial Arts enthusiasts.

Strykerz is quite different from UFC, whereas UFC fights are fought in a cage and Strykerz bouts are fought in a Boxing Ring using standard boxing gloves. UFC goes to the ground, when the action is always more exciting when fighters are on their feet. Strykerz is strictly stand up bouts and showcases top world-class male and female fighters with extensive fighting records that stems from early childhood vs. UFC fighters with wrestling backgrounds that begin in high school and grapplers who are trying to cross over to the striking world, often with very little amateur or professional fighting experience.

In the world of professional sports and the media industry, SDK Strykerz is much more appealing and sexy for fight fans and television viewers around the world. Fighters are highly articulate and marketable vs. your average MMA fighter because of the Strykerz lifestyles and background in traditional martial arts, which appeals more to mainstream television and advertisers. Lastly, the knockout ratio in Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz bouts are 70% higher than ground fighting. The SDK audience age ranges from 17 to 57 which includes 65% male & 35% female, whereas UFC is predominantly male ages 18 to 27.

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