Main Event Bout Shin Do Kumate

Return of Ancient Ones – Shin Do Kumate XVI

Amos vs Johncy LindorOctober 9th was the great night the Ancient ones returned in order to determine who is the greatest warrior of all time. Eight great fights and sixteen hungry fighters.

Bout one brought great amount of energy from each fighters coming out into the ring. James Alexander from the blue corner and Mitchell Chamale from the red corner. Both fighters were very calm and ready for the bell to ring. Both came out strong and cautious, feeling each other out and not taking to many wild shots. Chamale broke that by coming with strong boxing which caused Alexander to return fire with a strong shin kick to the head. In a split second we see Alexander go down and holding his eye. While both fighters wanted to continue the fight the referee ended the fight in 56 seconds in the first round. Giving Mitchell Chamale from the red corner the win by TKO.

Bout two brought Johncy Lindor to the blue corner and Amos Merriweather to the red corner. This fight had the same energy as the bout before it. Each fighters starred each other down from their respective corners. When the bell rang, Lindor came out deciding to his technique to feel Merriweather out. Merriweather started strong, throwing lots of spinning back fists as well as spinning back kicks. Sadly these the constants spinning slowed him down and Lindor was able to land heavy hits to the head and body, throwing Merriweather off his rhythm each time. Round two and three picked up with Lindor coming out of the corner like a bull. Lindor pulled a good combo of two strong hooks to head and body followed by a strong shin kick to the side that brought Merriweather down. Bout number two ended by another TKO win in the third round. In 1 minute and 38 seconds round three is done and Johncy Lindor out of the blue corner has won.

Bout three was the first fight of the night that was brought to the judges for unanimous decision. We see Michael Stripling in the blue corner and Jason Valle in the red corner. Stripling was ready to fight, while Valle kept himself patient and collected. When the bell went off both fighters flew out of their corners and into the fray. Both fighters at the beginning favored their boxing skills instead of grapples. Then towards the end of the first round, Stripling starts to utilize the clinch and throw some knees. In round two Valle came out stronger and made sure he was first with all his technique trying to throw his opponent off. Stripling did a good job of using his longer frame to keep Valle away as best he could. If Valle made it within strike range then he would get wrapped up in a clinch and take some knees to the body. By round three both fighters were tired, but kept going strong trying to win the judges. With the last thirty seconds of the fight just clinching we ended the fight waiting for the judges to make their decision on the winner. When the score were tallied they had decided in favor of the blue corner Michael Stripling.

Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Bout four brought Skylar Hastings to the blue corner to the numerous screams of his supporters, we also see Joseph Mullen come out to the red corner. Both fighters looked very young but did very good! Both came out very strong when the bell rang and Hastings immediately went for a take down, red did not let that go though and returned fire with some very nasty boxing combos. Towards the end of the first round we see Hasting start to tire out and Mullen’s take advantage of that by blocking all of Hastings kicks and following up with something of his own. In round two Hasting’s makes up for the end of round one and starts with a strong high kick to the head stunning Mullen’s and following it up with a good low kick. Again slowly towards the end both seem kind of tired Mullen’s stays crisp and Hastings seems a bit of unsure of what to do next. By round three we see the crowd go crazy and start chanting for Hastings. Mullen’s is very sure of himself in the final round and uses his good boxing to control Hastings. This technique by the red corner is what scored him the win at the end of all three rounds.

Bout five brought out another crowd favorite into the blue corner. Michael Leone walked to a sea of screaming fans, John Morehouse in our red corner calm and ready to fight. This fight was one of the most explosive fights of the night. Both fighters came into the ring ready to annihilate the other and did not disappoint. As soon as the bell rung we see both fighters going at each other hard all the while using good technique to set the other opponent up. In the middle of the fight Morehouse goes down by a knee to the face. A moment was taken to check Morehouse, Morehouse decided to continue the fight and both fighters touched gloves as a sign of respect before finishing the first round. Round two and three we see even more action Leone is very good of countering Morehouse many high kicks and punches and returning fire. It’s a good battle of technique going back and forth. By round three we see Morehouse has red marks forming on his lead leg from Leone’s kicks and Leone is slowly becoming tired. Both fighters give it their all to win the judges, Morehouse uses his good combos and Leone brings out some fancier moves with a spinning back kick followed up with an axe kick to the shoulder. At the end of the final round both fighters give each a big hug in thanks for the good fight displaying amazing sportsmanship and respect. While the judges gave the win to Michael Leone we cannot deny John Morehouse’s amazing spirit for continuing the fight in the first round after a knee to the face.

Bout six introduces Kendrick Miree to the blue corner and Bogdan Moroz to the red. Moroz has an amazing record so far in his professional career with 57 wins and 15 loses. Miree comes into the fight making his pro debut. While I’m sure some in the crowd worried with Moroz record that Miree may have a tough time that was not the case. Miree came out very strong and with a plan. He used his power to push Moroz where he wanted him and while Moroz for a time did a very good job of moving and working the middle of the ring he was hit with a very strong elbow. The fight ended with a TKO one minute and twenty seconds into the first round and Miree was the winner.

Our Co Main Event was Lloyd Walton in the blue corner and Warren Thompson in the red corner. All the previous fights, all the fighter would stare down their opponent these two smiled at each other from their corners and seemed to have a lot of respect for each to other. When the bell rang Walton and Thompson came out a circled each other throwing tentative punches and kicks. It was in this fight that we see a true display of Muay Thai’s beauty. Thompson threw many front kicks and Walton was able to catch most and then hit him with a low or high shin kick. Round one was a slow one each of them taking this round to learn about each other. Round two was stronger with both of them knowing what the other would do and a new plan from their corners. We see even more examples of their amazing technique. Walton favor  his arms to set up Thompson for his shin kicks which would sometimes go high and sometimes go low. Mixing it up so Thompson would catch his rhythm and block his kicks. Thompson favor using his front kicks to set up Walton where he needed him to be for the next attack. The last thirty seconds of round two we see them in the clinch trying to work in some knees to the body. Following the pattern of ramping up the energy each round we saw round three be the most aggressive of all the rounds. Both came into the last trying to win the judges, Walton used his long legs to throw some high shin kicks on Thompson and Thompson used his slightly larger frame to keep Walton at bay. We also see more clinching in this round. At the end of round three they gave each other a big hug and preceded to talk to each other for a few moments. There seemed to be no bad blood or like they had fought each other just moments before. The judges decided that Thompson was the winner, and he was met with another hug and smile from Walton.

Our main event of the night is with Stephen Cummings in the blue corner and Vincent McGuiness in the red. McGuiness is the taller out of the two and uses his advantegous reach right off the bat to keep Cummings away from him. McGuiness comes in strong using a good jab then straight right hand to stun Cummings. Cummings shakes that off and follows it up with a strong hook to the head followed by a stinging low kick. Cummings is bleeding from a hit to the face early on in the first round, but doesn’t faze him and he is able to knocks down McGuiness with two strong shin kicks to the legs. When he gets up he gives those two kicks right back to Cummings, but he defends them well. At the thirty second mark Cummings receives two flying knees to the face and is saved by the bell giving his one minute to quickly recover from those blows. The crowd is going crazy by the time the second round begins and the fighters feed off this energy really going for blood. McGuiness uses his longer legs to force Cummings to the ropes with his a front kick. Both look very relaxed and are not breathing heavy, Cummings throws a shin kick to McGuiness’s body which is blocked. While each fighters are still going strong Cummings early cut is slowly getting worse from the repeated hits and is dripping blood. It is toward the end of the second round that Cummings is hit with another punch to the head followed by another knee to the head and he falls to the canvas! At two minutes and thirty three seconds into the second round McGuiness is the winner by a KO.

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