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Master Mehrdad

Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior”
Fighter Profile
Fighter Stage Name: Persian Warrior
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235 lbs
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Discipline/Fighting Style: Muay Thai, Persian Wrestling, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Karate, Dutch Thai
Fighting Experience: Finalist −Sabaki Challenge Championship Full Contact, No Pads, No Gloves Selected as 1 of the 10 Heavyweights picked worldwide − Denver, Colorado, Selected to fight in K1 Grand Prix, Osaka, Japan, Shin Do Kumaté IX, Professional Full Contact Martial Arts, Tampa, Florida. Master Mehrdad fought six-time World Champ Rick Roufus
Nationality: Iran
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Right or Left Handed: Right Handed
Manage by:
Fight Records
Amateur Muay Thai Record:
Amateur Boxing Record:
Amateur MMA Record:
Pro Muay Thai Record: 39-5-0
Pro Boxing Record:
Pro MMA Record:
Shin Do Kumate Record:
Achievements & Gym
Gym, School, or Team Affilation: Master Mehrdad's Martial Arts & Muay Thai
Achievements: Ancient Persian Wrestling − Champion for five consecutive years, Grand Master Park − Tae Kwon Do "Open Style" Championship Winner of Black Belt Division, Winner − Best of the Best World Full Contact Championship Same rules of Ultimate Fighting Championship
Dilated Eye Exam: No
Date of Exam:
Blood Work: No
Date of Exam:

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