Amateur Male Kickboxing - Muay Thai Classic 25 - Amateur super heavyweight fights between Emin Perry vs. Joshua Longoria.

Muay Thai Classic Fight – Emin Perry vs. Joshua Longoria

Amateur Male Kickboxing Fight – Emin Perry vs. Joshua Longoria

Amateur male kickboxing fight at Muay Thai Classic XXV. This super heavyweight fights took place in Florida. The two strong male amateur Muay Thai fighters are Emin Perry and Joshua Longoria. Both fighters rely on their powerful blow in order to score a KO. This bout was full of action and strategic movements. Emin Perry was evenly match by Joshua Longoria. The match lasted all 3 rounds and it was decided by unanimous decision. Watch more amateur and professional Muay Thai matches in our member area. Join the Strykerz community and experience Muay Thai like never before.


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