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Master Mehrdad Launches New Strykerz World Championship Series

Saturday, August 20th, 2016 – During the intermission of Shin Do Kumate XVII the ring announcer “Bob Alexander” who has been involved with Shin Do Kumate since 2002, announced Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi the founder of MKM Knockout Promotions into the ring. Bowing to the fans in the audience who he has named “Strykerz Fans” he began to speak about how Shin Do Kumate will become the next major combat fight sports promotion in the world, above all other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotions. With the same passion Master Mehrdad explains that he will not rest till he achieves this mission to put Muay Thai the art of 8 limbs on top in the fight industry.

He proceeds to explain why he will be successful as a fight promoter. Master Mehrdad tells the story of how he migrated to America with $140.00 in his pocket and two suitcases, and today his fight brand has worldwide recognition. He also states that passion for your dreams are the most powerful ideals, and no one can destroy them. “Persian Warrior” Master Mehrdad advises all other MMA fight promoters to watch out, there are new promotions coming in the horizon from his brand.

Master Mehrdad is currently working on various projects: such as Shin Do Kumate Strykerz World Championship Series, major network partnerships, venue partnership, international sponsors, and managing male & female Muay Thai fighters.

Master Mehrdad -Strykerz World Championship Series - MMA

Master Mehrdad Executive Producer of Strykerz TV

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