Crystal Lawson - Muay Thai Figher

About Kru Crystal Lawson

Crystal Lawson is a female fighter, model, and Kru in Muay Thai with a great amateur fighting career. She has been training in Muay Thai for over 8 years and holds a great amateur Muay Thai fight record. Crystal will be one of several female Muay Thai fighters to fight in Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz events.

Crystal Lawson’s Fighter Inspirations

Crystal Lawson - Muay Thai FigherCrystal Lawson gets inspiration from many sources in life. She is inspired by people breaking barriers and doing things that they thought they couldn’t do. Such as stepping outside of their comfort zones, and dancing in public. As well as women who wear no makeup in public, and of course children.

These inspirations, as well as a TV documentary about Muay Thai and Female fighters. It motivated her to find a gym in her area and she started training. After 6 months of training and immediately following her first fight, Crystal was hooked and fighting became her passion and career.

Crystal Lawson is an inspiration for all women and moms in the sport of Muay Thai. She is an individual with passion and honor. She has won several Muay Thai fights and she is respected by the Muay Thai community.

Crystal Lawson is Launching her Professional Fighting Career with Shin Do Kumate Strykerz

MKM Knockout Promotions has promoted and produced televised professional and amateur Muay Thai fights since 2002.  One of the main objectives of MKM is to find and promote the highest caliber male and female fighters around the world. Master Mehrdad and the entire team at MKM is very excited to welcome Crystal Lawson to Shin Do Kumate.

Some of the talent featured in Shin Do Kumaté fights include top world-class Muay Thai fighters & Martial Artists such as Kate Meehan, Tomasz Kucharzewski, Patrick Barry, Remy Bonnel, Simon Marcus, Stefan Butin Bik, Katie Meehan, Rick Roufus and Clifton Brown.

MKM is ready to start a new chapter in the world of Female Striking and Muay Thai Bouts by promoting Crystal Lawson.

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