Cyrus Washington - Ranked #8 in the world

Cyrus Washington: Muay Thai World Ranked #8 by Fighting Lifestyle UAE

Cyrus Washington – Fighting Lifestyle UAE caught up with Cyrus Washington aka Black Dynamite during his visit to Pride FC, Dubai. ‘Black Dynamite’ Washington who is currently ranked # 2 in the US and # 8 in the world. ‘Black Dynamite’ has won various titles which include the WKA world championship, WMF Intercontinental Championship, Bare knuckle Championship in Myanmar and is a Former US WBC Super Middleweight Champ.

Washington ‘Black Dynamite’ talks to us about his background in traditional martial arts and how it has impacted him in competition, his trainers & what it takes to be champion, amongst other things.

Cyrus Washington is currently training out of Sitan Gym in New York with Coach Aziz Nabih:

“Right now I’m training at Sitan Gym in New York, but there are Sitan Gyms all over. there is one in morocco, one in Holland, one in Phoenix Arizona. My trainer is Aziz Nabih. Great Guy, Great Trainer. He was actually Badr Hari’s first trainer. I’m blessed to have the trainer that I have who’s been to Thailand, who lives in Thailand from time to time and has been doing it since I was born or probably before I was born. Training with him is actually more intense then it is training in Thailand, He picks apart every little thing I do wrong. If you can’t get a trainer like that then you have to go to Thailand and train if you want to pursue the sport.”

Cyrus talks about the influence traditional martial arts has had on his game:

“My background in traditional martial arts has made me who I am today. As far as my wins by knock outs, which I do have a lot of knock outs from a back kick, which is not really a part of Muay Thai, but all the hard work and dedication to the sport. All the hundreds of kicks I throw a day, the Knees & Teeps, that is what I feel has moulded me in to the fighter I am today.”

Cyrus Washington

A message to any one looking to pursue the sport of Muay Thai:

“The main thing is to be committed & dedicated to the sport and be patient with your self, because its going to take time. No matter what the sport, every athlete you see on TV has probably be doing it for ten years before they even got into the spot light. So any one starting out they got to be ready to buckle down and get ready for the ride, because there are going to be a lot of ups and even more downs. They just have to be positive about the ups and realize that it is going to take time to get to the top or even close to it.”

Some of Cyrus Washington’s accomplishments:

Black belt in WTF Taekwondo
Myanmar/Burma Bare knuckle Champion
2 time PK-1 international champion
1 time WPMF champion
Fought in Kings Birthday/cup 2008,2009
Queens birthday 2009
Toyota tournament 2010
Enfusion Kickboxing Reality muay thai Series
The challanger Reality muay thai series
The list of countries Cyrus has competed in includes; Suriname, America, Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Uzbekastan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma

Additionally Washington ‘Black Dynamite’  has competed against some of the biggest names in the sport, including Jomhod Kiatadisak, Cosmo Alexander, Kaoklai kaennorsing, Nieky holzken and more.

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