Cyrus Washington Kicking with Power and Preparing for Shin Do Kumate XVII

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington Fight Interview

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is training hard at Relentless Mixed Martial Arts for Shin Do Kumate XVII Co-main event fight against no other than Alex Berrios from Tampa Muay Thai. Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is a Muay Thai fighter with an excellent, intensive fight records and training regimen. He is a fighter with a vast amount of experience that he acquired in his travel around the world such as Thailand, USA, and more. Such experience and knowledge, it led Soudabah in to the first interview question. How has this experience help him grow and evolve as a fighter? Cyrus proceed to answer by stating that traveling around the world has help him feel that Muay Thai competitions are a natural thing. Cyrus feels that by acquiring this experience, it gives him an edge against any other fighter that is not as experience.

Soudabah proceed to ask about the upcoming fight against Alex Berrios at the Bradenton Area Convention Center on August 20th. The question was the following.

“How do you feel going in to this fight against Alex Berrios,  since he has a good fighting career as well? Do you feel comfortable for this fight?” He stated that he feels comfortable and he is ready for the fight. The next question cover what was the difference between Muay Thai in USA and Thailand? Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington stated that while he was living in Thailand, that Muay Thai is technically the same, but is different. One of the key difference is what move they allow, and the honor and respect among Muay Thai fighters and the sport. Also he will love to see the aspect of honor, respect, and discipline to be integrated to USA Muay Thai fight promotion. This integration will be great, since Muay Thai is a Martial Arts and a form of self-expression.

Our fans were interested to know how the art of 8 limbs has help him in his personal life? He stated that Muay Thai or any other Martial Arts will give you the discipline to persevere. With this advantage you will overcome any obstacle in life. Our last question cover about his training regimen and preparation for the fight. He explain that he is training harder than usual and he is ready to take on Alex Berrios.

With such vast experience, record and training regimen, this fight is going to be a great event. Don’t miss this intense bout and buy YOUR TICKET TODAY!

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