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About My Fight Stats

My Fight Stats objective is to develop a strong and active fighter database for amateur and professional male and female fighters in various fight categories such as kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. Promoters, sanctioning bodies, and state boxing commission directors will have access to the fighters fight records, fighter bios, updated medical status, fight history, fight videos, and more.

Fighter Benefits

  • Create a fighter profile that will be seen by promoters, fight fans, and sponsors.
  • Update your medical status, weight, and fight records.

Promoter Benefits

  • Promote your upcoming fighting events
  • Find fighters for your events and have access to their updated information
  • Increase visibility so that fighters and sponsors can find you.

Sanctioning Body Benefits

  • Approve fighter line ups
  • Access current fighter information and official fight records via your credentialed access
  • Maintain updated medicals for fighters