Main Event Bout Shin Do Kumate

Return of Ancient Ones – Shin Do Kumate XVI

Amos vs Johncy LindorOctober 9th was the great night the Ancient ones returned in order to determine who is the greatest warrior of all time. Eight great fights and sixteen hungry fighters.

Bout one brought great amount of energy from each fighters coming out into the ring. James Alexander from the blue corner Read More

Aaron Castelvi vs Justin Gresklewicz

Shin Do Kumate® XV

Amy Davis vs Denise MellorAmy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Watch one of the best Shin Do Kumaté XV which features a tremendous line-up with Clifton Brown vs. Stephen Richards; Simon Marcus vs. Aaron Meisner (formerly on Ultimate Fighter realityStrykerz TV show); Justin Greskiewicz vs. Aaron Castellvi, Amy Davis vs. Denise Mellor Read More

Shin Do Kumate

Shin Do Kumate®

2015 Fight Series – Shin Do Kumate® Evolution is the ultimate striking art which brings together top male and female Muay Thai fighters from around the world. These pro fighters display honor, respect and demonstrate the most powerful stand up striking skills in the ring.  Stay Tuned for upcoming fight Read More

Muay Thai Classic XXVIII

Muay Thai Classic XXVIII

Muay Thai Classic™ is one of the most prestigious Amateur Muay Thai Competitions in the U.S. drawing male and female fighters of all ages from all over the world. Since 1995 the Muay Thai Classic has provided a foundation for Martial Artists to test out their skills in the ring Read More