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Online Pay Per View Fight And Free Fights

Online Pay Per View Fight And Free Fights – Watch Muay Thai fights live streaming from 2015, 2016 Shin Do Kumate professional Muay Thai competition and sensational main event fights. You can purchase any single fight clips for $2.95  with no commitment or purchase full pay per view fight card for $14.95 with one week access. Want to watch some of the greatest strikers and MMA fighters who cross over to Shin Do Kumate Strykerz to compete in arts of 8 limbs.

Strykerz TV is 24/7 global combat sports fight network, bring the MMA and Muay Thai fight fan the best online fights. Join our fight channel and watch free online fights or become a member and have access to over 300 professional Muay Thai fights from Shin Do Kumate shows or all Muay Thai Classic tournament.

Watch some of the best Shin Do Kumate and Muay Thai champions from around the world such as Rick “The Jet” Roufus, Gary Turner, Remy Bonnel, Stefn Butin Bik, Felice Herrig, Ketie Meehan, Clifton Brown, Simon Marcus, Crafton Wallace, Cyrus Washington and more. Join Now

MKM Knockout Promotions and his founder Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi always promote the top male and female fighters from around the world to represent Shin Do Kumate in United States. Strykerz TV mission is to unite the Muay Thai community and making a big impact around the world.

Online Pay Per View Fight And Free Fights

Some of the world-class fighters fight photos who fought in our show!

Master Mehrdad -Strykerz World Championship Series - MMA

Master Mehrdad Launches New Strykerz World Championship Series

Saturday, August 20th, 2016 – During the intermission of Shin Do Kumate XVII the ring announcer “Bob Alexander” who has been involved with Shin Do Kumate since 2002, announced Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi the founder of MKM Knockout Promotions into the ring. Bowing to the fans in the audience who he has named “Strykerz Fans” he began to speak about how Shin Do Kumate will become the next major combat fight sports promotion in the world, above all other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotions. With the same passion Master Mehrdad explains that he will not rest till he achieves this mission to put Muay Thai the art of 8 limbs on top in the fight industry.

He proceeds to explain why he will be successful as a fight promoter. Master Mehrdad tells the story of how he migrated to America with $140.00 in his pocket and two suitcases, and today his fight brand has worldwide recognition. He also states that passion for your dreams are the most powerful ideals, and no one can destroy them. “Persian Warrior” Master Mehrdad advises all other MMA fight promoters to watch out, there are new promotions coming in the horizon from his brand.

Master Mehrdad is currently working on various projects: such as Shin Do Kumate Strykerz World Championship Series, major network partnerships, venue partnership, international sponsors, and managing male & female Muay Thai fighters.

Master Mehrdad -Strykerz World Championship Series - MMA

Master Mehrdad Executive Producer of Strykerz TV

Johncy "The Kicboxer" Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVII

Shin Do Kumate Recognize by Main Stream Media

Florida Fighters Win Big at Muay Thai Card in Palmetto Article By Bradenton Herald

Bradenton Herald - Fight News

With a unanimous decision, Pedro Cassoma became the first fighter to win a professional Muay Thai bout in Manatee County. The 25-year-old from Daytona Beach handed Tony Leone his first professional loss at the Bradenton Area Convention Center to win one of the co-headlining events at Strykerz Shin Do Kumate XVII in Palmetto.

Alex Berrios claimed another unanimous decision in the other co-headliner, edging Cyrus Washington on all three judges’ scorecards. The 27-year-old from Tampa was competing in only his 26th professional fight and upended a 34-year-old with more than 70 wins and 50 knockouts to his credit.

Winners on the undercard included Maros Pacan by split decision and Johncy Lindor by knockout in his pro debut.

The inaugural card at the Bradenton Convention Center can be streamed online at

Credit of the article goes to Bradenton Herald for this Article.

Shin Do Kumate XVII Gallery

Crystal Lawson - Muay Thai Figher

About Kru Crystal Lawson

Crystal Lawson is a female fighter, model, and Kru in Muay Thai with a great amateur fighting career. She has been training in Muay Thai for over 8 years and holds a great amateur Muay Thai fight record. Crystal will be one of several female Muay Thai fighters to fight in Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz events.

Crystal Lawson’s Fighter Inspirations

Crystal Lawson - Muay Thai FigherCrystal Lawson gets inspiration from many sources in life. She is inspired by people breaking barriers and doing things that they thought they couldn’t do. Such as stepping outside of their comfort zones, and dancing in public. As well as women who wear no makeup in public, and of course children.

These inspirations, as well as a TV documentary about Muay Thai and Female fighters. It motivated her to find a gym in her area and she started training. After 6 months of training and immediately following her first fight, Crystal was hooked and fighting became her passion and career.

Crystal Lawson is an inspiration for all women and moms in the sport of Muay Thai. She is an individual with passion and honor. She has won several Muay Thai fights and she is respected by the Muay Thai community.

Crystal Lawson is Launching her Professional Fighting Career with Shin Do Kumate Strykerz

MKM Knockout Promotions has promoted and produced televised professional and amateur Muay Thai fights since 2002.  One of the main objectives of MKM is to find and promote the highest caliber male and female fighters around the world. Master Mehrdad and the entire team at MKM is very excited to welcome Crystal Lawson to Shin Do Kumate.

Some of the talent featured in Shin Do Kumaté fights include top world-class Muay Thai fighters & Martial Artists such as Kate Meehan, Tomasz Kucharzewski, Patrick Barry, Remy Bonnel, Simon Marcus, Stefan Butin Bik, Katie Meehan, Rick Roufus and Clifton Brown.

MKM is ready to start a new chapter in the world of Female Striking and Muay Thai Bouts by promoting Crystal Lawson.

Cyrus Washington Kicking with Power and Preparing for Shin Do Kumate XVII

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington Fight Interview

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is training hard at Relentless Mixed Martial Arts for Shin Do Kumate XVII Co-main event fight against no other than Alex Berrios from Tampa Muay Thai. Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is a Muay Thai fighter with an excellent, intensive fight records and training regimen. He is a fighter with a vast amount of experience that he acquired in his travel around the world such as Thailand, USA, and more. Such experience and knowledge, it led Soudabah in to the first interview question. How has this experience help him grow and evolve as a fighter? Cyrus proceed to answer by stating that traveling around the world has help him feel that Muay Thai competitions are a natural thing. Cyrus feels that by acquiring this experience, it gives him an edge against any other fighter that is not as experience.

Soudabah proceed to ask about the upcoming fight against Alex Berrios at the Bradenton Area Convention Center on August 20th. The question was the following.

“How do you feel going in to this fight against Alex Berrios,  since he has a good fighting career as well? Do you feel comfortable for this fight?” He stated that he feels comfortable and he is ready for the fight. The next question cover what was the difference between Muay Thai in USA and Thailand? Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington stated that while he was living in Thailand, that Muay Thai is technically the same, but is different. One of the key difference is what move they allow, and the honor and respect among Muay Thai fighters and the sport. Also he will love to see the aspect of honor, respect, and discipline to be integrated to USA Muay Thai fight promotion. This integration will be great, since Muay Thai is a Martial Arts and a form of self-expression.

Our fans were interested to know how the art of 8 limbs has help him in his personal life? He stated that Muay Thai or any other Martial Arts will give you the discipline to persevere. With this advantage you will overcome any obstacle in life. Our last question cover about his training regimen and preparation for the fight. He explain that he is training harder than usual and he is ready to take on Alex Berrios.

With such vast experience, record and training regimen, this fight is going to be a great event. Don’t miss this intense bout and buy YOUR TICKET TODAY!

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington Interview Gallery

Cyrus Washington - Ranked #8 in the world

Cyrus Washington: Muay Thai World Ranked #8 by Fighting Lifestyle UAE

Cyrus Washington – Fighting Lifestyle UAE caught up with Cyrus Washington aka Black Dynamite during his visit to Pride FC, Dubai. ‘Black Dynamite’ Washington who is currently ranked # 2 in the US and # 8 in the world. ‘Black Dynamite’ has won various titles which include the WKA world championship, WMF Intercontinental Championship, Bare knuckle Championship in Myanmar and is a Former US WBC Super Middleweight Champ.

Washington ‘Black Dynamite’ talks to us about his background in traditional martial arts and how it has impacted him in competition, his trainers & what it takes to be champion, amongst other things.

Cyrus Washington is currently training out of Sitan Gym in New York with Coach Aziz Nabih:

“Right now I’m training at Sitan Gym in New York, but there are Sitan Gyms all over. there is one in morocco, one in Holland, one in Phoenix Arizona. My trainer is Aziz Nabih. Great Guy, Great Trainer. He was actually Badr Hari’s first trainer. I’m blessed to have the trainer that I have who’s been to Thailand, who lives in Thailand from time to time and has been doing it since I was born or probably before I was born. Training with him is actually more intense then it is training in Thailand, He picks apart every little thing I do wrong. If you can’t get a trainer like that then you have to go to Thailand and train if you want to pursue the sport.”

Cyrus talks about the influence traditional martial arts has had on his game:

“My background in traditional martial arts has made me who I am today. As far as my wins by knock outs, which I do have a lot of knock outs from a back kick, which is not really a part of Muay Thai, but all the hard work and dedication to the sport. All the hundreds of kicks I throw a day, the Knees & Teeps, that is what I feel has moulded me in to the fighter I am today.”

Cyrus Washington

A message to any one looking to pursue the sport of Muay Thai:

“The main thing is to be committed & dedicated to the sport and be patient with your self, because its going to take time. No matter what the sport, every athlete you see on TV has probably be doing it for ten years before they even got into the spot light. So any one starting out they got to be ready to buckle down and get ready for the ride, because there are going to be a lot of ups and even more downs. They just have to be positive about the ups and realize that it is going to take time to get to the top or even close to it.”

Some of Cyrus Washington’s accomplishments:

Black belt in WTF Taekwondo
Myanmar/Burma Bare knuckle Champion
2 time PK-1 international champion
1 time WPMF champion
Fought in Kings Birthday/cup 2008,2009
Queens birthday 2009
Toyota tournament 2010
Enfusion Kickboxing Reality muay thai Series
The challanger Reality muay thai series
The list of countries Cyrus has competed in includes; Suriname, America, Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Uzbekastan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma

Additionally Washington ‘Black Dynamite’  has competed against some of the biggest names in the sport, including Jomhod Kiatadisak, Cosmo Alexander, Kaoklai kaennorsing, Nieky holzken and more.

Shin Do Kumate Captivates Boxing and MMA Fight Fans

Shin Do Kumate Captivates Boxing and MMA Fight Fans

The international sport of professional Muay Thai and traditional Martial Arts is immense.  The Shin Do Kumaté fighting sport is assertive and maintains a high level of fighting skill and appeals to a very broad multi-cultural audience. Shin Do Kumaté Muay Thai striking holds a strong cross-over appeal to boxing and MMA fight fans and draws from a global pool of traditional Martial Arts enthusiasts.

Strykerz is quite different from UFC, whereas UFC fights are fought in a cage and Strykerz bouts are fought in a Boxing Ring using standard boxing gloves. UFC goes to the ground, when the action is always more exciting when fighters are on their feet. Strykerz is strictly stand up bouts and showcases top world-class male and female fighters with extensive fighting records that stems from early childhood vs. UFC fighters with wrestling backgrounds that begin in high school and grapplers who are trying to cross over to the striking world, often with very little amateur or professional fighting experience.

In the world of professional sports and the media industry, SDK Strykerz is much more appealing and sexy for fight fans and television viewers around the world. Fighters are highly articulate and marketable vs. your average MMA fighter because of the Strykerz lifestyles and background in traditional martial arts, which appeals more to mainstream television and advertisers. Lastly, the knockout ratio in Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz bouts are 70% higher than ground fighting. The SDK audience age ranges from 17 to 57 which includes 65% male & 35% female, whereas UFC is predominantly male ages 18 to 27.

Shin Do Kumate Muay Thai Participants Follow By Boxing Fans


History Behind Shin Do Kumate and Fight Press Conference with Founder


ai - Upcoming Event in Florida - Shin Do Kumate XVII - Muay Thai

Upcoming Fights in Florida

Upcoming Fights in Florida

Tampa Bay, FL  – Fight fans in the Florida area are getting excited about one of the biggest Pro Muay Thai fighting events in North America. “Shin Do Kumaté XVII – Strykerz” will take place on Saturday night, August 20th at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. This event will showcase male & female fighters.

The Main Event fighters of the night will be Tony Leone of Citrus Springs, Florida and Pedro Cassoma of Daytona Beach, Florida. Tony Leone is a strong fighter trained by Stefan ButinBik, a Shin Do Kumaté Title Belt Holder himself, and he’ll be returning after his Pro Debut and explosive win from last October where he fought in Shin Do Kumaté XVI. Pedro Cassoma is another great fighter, also trained by a Pro Muay Thai fighter named Dominque Simmons of Elite Muay Thai, and Pedro is coming with an unwavering determination to win this fight.

Shin Do Kumaté XVII Strykerz will be a night filled with 9 fast paced bouts, knockouts, and a full-on night of stand-up striking skills with no grappling. Watch as these fighters live up to the Strykerz slogan… “We Don’t Tap Out, We Knockout”.

The co-main event of the evening will feature Kendrick Miree vs. Warren Thompson. The night will also feature an exciting female Super Bout that will consist of “Full Thai Rules” between Ashley Samples and Denise Jacobs. Ashley Samples is an up and coming pro fighter who ranks 2nd top Muay Thai Female Fighter in her home state of Georgia. Denise Jacobs fights out of Port Orange, Florida where she is trained by Pro Muay Thai Champion Fighter Paul Marfort.

We’re excited to have some previous Shin Do Kumaté fighters return with a vengeance. The undercard bouts include Skyler Hastings vs Kit Ruddock, Joe “Formiga” Cortezt vs. Rich Grindle, Stephen Cummins vs. Jason Valle, Johncy Lindor vs. Johnny Baldridge, Adriel Fiallo vs. John Morehouse, and Michael Strippling vs. Chris Burgett.

Tickets  for the upcoming fights in Florida are on sale now at and Our upcoming fights in Florida will be aired on multiple networks. Providers include Verizon Fios, Charter Media, AT&T, and Live Web Streaming via Strykerz.TV, as well as other carriers via Live PPV, cable satellite, mobile apps and other live streaming networks.

About Shin Do Kumaté – MKM Knockout Promotions is a fight promotion based in Florida that produces Shin Do Kumaté fighting events featuring professional male and female fighters from around the world. Beginning in 2002, MKM has produced seventeen live events for television and has drawn top ranked fighters from England, Canada, Italy, Bosnia, Sweden, Mexico, South America and across the nation. All programs, including two 13-week television series, are distributed to multiple networks and media platforms globally.

Contact Yolanda Moayedi at for media relations, press passes and interviews. For event information, visit

 Upcoming Fights in Florida - Strykerz - Shin Do Kumate XVII





Simon Marcus vs Aaron Meisner

Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus Fighter

Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus Muay Thai Fighter Interview

We are excited to bring you Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus’s Fighter Profile. Simon fought with our promotion on the Shin Do Kumate XV card in 2008. It was an amazing fight with a great display of Muay Thai elbow techniques. Aaron Meisner gave a lot of heart as well during the bout, but Simon was victorious.

1. What attracted you to Muay Thai?

I always liked fighting and sports as a child and idolized wrestlers. After trying Muay Thai for the first time, the culture and art captured my interest.

2.How would you describe your experience fighting in Shin Do Kumate?

Shin do Kumate was one of my first professional fights and definitely first one to be aired. It was an amazing experience at the time and I felt good with my performance and development at that stage in my career. It was a good step for me.

3. What was one of your favorite fights?

One of my favorite matches was my 3rd fight against Joe Schilling in Glory. It was a tough battle with a lot to overcome but I pushed through until the end and gave it my all. I didn’t come out with the victory that night but I learned much from the experience and became a better fighter from it.

4. How long have you been training?

I started training in Feb 2005, so about ten years

5. What is your favorite part about training for a fight?

Simon Marcus vs Aaron MeisnerMy favorite part is the concentration and focus you have to put into your every movement. Although as a pro your training everyday, when you’re in the moment time slows down because you’re focused on every movement and breath.

6. What is the hardest part about training for a fight?

To push yourself to you limit time and time again. To be your best time and time again. Basically to keep the same drive as when you started.

7. What are your goals?

One of my current goals is to become Glory Middleweight World Champion and dominate as I always have. Also, I want to bring more popularity to Muay Thai and kickboxing making it a premier world sport.

8. What inspires you?

Being the best. Watching my dreams come true

9. How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Completely. Muay Thai has given me a direction and an outlet to express myself. It has taught me the importance of discipline and being honest with yourself. In other words, Muay Thai has made me face myself in many ways and transform into a greater me.

10. What is a fun fact about yourself?

My first love before Muay Thai was basketball and I was dominant player in high school. I’m also a good musician and enjoy making rap music.


Tony Leone vs. John Morehouse Weigh-in Strykerz TV

Tony Leone Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

What attracted you to Muay Thai?

Mixed Martial Arts, I wrestled in high school and somewhere along the way got really hooked on MMA. So, at the time, I lived in a little single-wide trailer that had a little dirt floor boxing ring built in the back yard, in the woods. I used to have my friends, football teammates, wrestlers, and any feisty tough guys come over and we would throw some gloves on and fight for fun. I did pretty good, didn’t lose to anyone, so I thought maybe I should try it for real. I did some research in my area found a couple gyms; Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai. Tried them all out a few times. It wasn’t so much the Muay Thai that made me choose Stefan’s gym, more so him and his coaching style just meshed well with me. His no bull shit mentality and detail in coaching.

How would you describe your experience fighting in Shin Do Kumate?

I had a blast man, I’m a real people person, so I was networking trying to meet some people and just be myself. I felt like I was the main event with all the people that came out to support me. I think I was a little rusty with some of my technique. I hadn’t fought in over a year and injured myself about 6 weeks out. I wish I could of got a KO but I just wasn’t finishing my combos when I had him hurt. Just some rust and an iron-willed opponent I guess.

What was one of your favorite fights?

I didn’t watch any of the other fights to be honest. I was trying to thank my crowd and say hello to every single one of them (hard work), but I watched the main event and I thought it was a great fight. I thought it was very competitive back and forth, then the knee came and that was it. I was disappointed we didn’t get the win but hey that’s the fight game, we’ll be back stronger and better!

How long have you been training?

I started training right after high school, October of 09′, but I wasn’t very motivated. I’d train for a couple months and then disappear for a couple months. I followed that pattern pretty much till about 1 year ago.

What is your favorite part about training?

Nothing! Hahaha man I have to say I’m not a fan. I hate training, but you know what I hate more? Losing! So I train harder for every fight, because losing sucks. Any loss I’ve had has been a split decision besides one fight. Those SD’s are hard to swallow, because when you’re that close and come up short you know you’re in your head thinking, “Man, I could of did more of this or that in training.”

What is the hardest part about training for a fight?

Avoiding injury. Its a tough sport, a lot of things can happen. I was so beat up for this fight and it was crazy because we trained very safe. It was just a couple freak things that happened, that had me in a bad spot a few times. But like I said, it had been over a year since I last fought there was no way I was going to pull out of the fight.

What are your goals?

My GOAL is to have a successful career. I wanna live comfortably off of fighting. It’s hard to do, but I work hard at it, so I know it’s possible. And of course I want to be champion, but that comes with success if you ask me. If I put everything I have into this, I believe it’s only a matter of time and I will be a champion.

What inspires you?

A lot of things inspire me. I’d say number one is failure though. Like I said before, all my losses have been very close, and the guys that beat me are doing very well for themselves. So I know I’m right there, I just need to put together the right formula to maximize my training and I’m telling you the sky is the limit. Those failures inspire me to work harder because success it right at my fingertips.

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Its helped me prioritize my life. It has shown what really matters and me who my real friends are. Being a fighter is a selfish lifestyle. It takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice. So you piss some people off when you can’t go out with them or do this party or this thing, because you train everyday and don’t have time for that stuff. It really helped me cut the cancer out of my life, so I appreciate that. Thank you Muay Thai.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Tony Leone is a huge comic book nerd. I love superheroes. DC, MARVEL, independent pretty much anything like that. I probably DVR every series out there and watch every movie that has came out and nerd out when I see the new trailers for upcoming stuff!