Shin Do Kumate XVI Strykerz Main Event Fight – Stephen Cummins vs. Vince McGuinness. This was amazing fight between two great skill full fighters to display the Art of Muay Thai techniques and their passion as warrior strikers.

Our main event of the night is with Stephen Cummings from Crystal River, Florida train under Stefan ButinBik in the blue corner and Vincent McGuiness in the red from Tampa, Florida to represent Bang Muay Thai Tampa. McGuiness is the taller out of the two and uses his reach right off the bat to keep Cummings away from him. McGuiness comes in strong using a good jab then straight right hand to stun Cummings. Cummings shakes that off and follows it up with a strong hook to the head followed by a stinging low kick. Cummings is bleeding from a hit to the face early on in the first round, but doesn’t let it faze him and knocks down McGuiness with two strong shin kicks to the legs.

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Stephen Cummins vs Vince McGuiness, Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson, Bogdan Moroz vs Kendrick Miree, Tony Leone vs John Morehouse, Skyler vs Joey Mullin, Jason Valle vs Michael Stripling, Jonchy Lindor vs Amos Merriweather, and Mitch Chamale vs Jimmy Alexander.

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